A Long Weekend...A Big Inspiration
Spend an unforgetable weekend in New York. See the famous Manhattan sights, visit attractions in Brooklyn and be wined and dined on Shabbat in the upscale Flatbush section of Brooklyn, where you'll be hosted by wonderful, caring families. You'll enjoy the festive Shabbat meals with your hosts, young professionals and college students from around the country.

You'll enjoy energizing live music and grand Staurday Night banquet, lectures given by world-class rabbis, and networking opportunities with succesful Jewish leaders.  And you'll certainly be amazed to be part of the tranquility as the furious pace of the Flatbush rush slows down to celebrate and honor the Shabbat.

This is sure to be a weekend that you will not forget!

For more info. please contact your campus rabbi or Rabbi Binyomin Schonblum at r.bschonblum@ohr.edu 908-216-4470
Presidents Day Weekend-February 13 - 16, 2014
Event genrerously sponsored l'zecher nishmas Malka bas Tuvia  and :Esther Malka bas Yosef
* covers all costs based on $200 airfare to/from NYC.  Contact event coordinator or your campus rabbi for details.
The New York Shabbaton