Experience Lakewood; 'A City of Torah and Kindness  '
Click HERE to download the learning material from the '17 Lakewood Shabbaton:
The Lakewood Shabbaton
November 1-4, 2018

Mentor Missions Lakewood Shabbaton '18
Tentative Schedule*

Thursday Nov. 1
7:00 PMExecutive Discussion Groups & Opening Banquet hosted by Mr. Sruli Schubert & Meridian Capital NJWelcome by Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenblatt
10:15 PMStudents Check In To Hosts

Friday Nov. 2
8:20 AMShachris (morning prayer service)
9:10 AMBus departs to Madison Title
9:30 AM"Madison Title
Breakfast/executive discussion groups"
10:30 AM“Open Q&A” with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
11:30 AMBus departs and bring to Hatzalah
11:45 AM"Pizza & Tour at Hatzalah Volunteer First Responders. Welcome-Committeeman Menashe Miller,
VIP Tour with Motty Twerski"
1:15 PMDivide into Groups for Shopping Spree (Judaica Plaza, Gourmet Glatt,The "Kosher" Gym) Make meeting point for buses to Depart to hosts
3:00 PMBuses Depart from Gourmet Glatt Plaza to Host Drop off Locations
3:15 PMCheck-in to hosts to prepare for Shabbos

Friday Night
5:35 PMCandle Lighting
5:53 PMSunset
5:40 PM"Mincha (afternoon prayer service). Introduction to the magnificence of Shabbos by Rabbi Gottlieb,
followed by a festive Kabbalos Shabbos service followed by Maariv (evening prayer services)."
7:30 PMFriday evening meal at "Super Hosts"
10:15 PM"‘Oneg Shabbos Tisch’ with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb 
Enjoy singing, story-telling, delicious food and inspiring discussions"

Shabbos November 3
8:30 AMShachris (morning prayer service)
9:30 AMPrayer Workshop given by 
10:30 AMKiddush (refreshments)
11:05 AMLearning Session #1 students/mentors
12:00 PMDepart to hosts for Shabbos day meal
3:45 PM"“Meet the Ohr Somayach Rabbi’s”
w/Rabbi Reuven Geffen, Rabbi Saul Mandel & Rabbi Yitzhok Becker"
4:15 PM“My Personal Life Saga” by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
5:00 PMMincha (afternoon prayer service) followed by Festive Third Meal with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb and Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen followed by Maariv (evening prayer service) and Carlebach style Havdalah

Motzei Shabbos/ Saturday Evening
8:15 PMBus Departs to Melava Malka
8:30 PMAvos Uvanim Learning Session #2 students/mentors
9:30 PM"Gala Melava Malka Event hosted by Ner Avrohom
Address by Dr. Rich Roberts, Former Chairman and CEO of URL Pharma"
10:00 PMFeaturing Musician and Singer Eitan Katz for Dancing and Kumszitz   

Sunday Nov. 4
7:55 AMShachris (morning prayer service). Say goodbye to your host & bring luggage with you
9:15 AMbus departs to Lakewood Cheder
9:30 AM"‘Breakfast with the CEO’s’
& Tour of Lakewood Cheder"
11:15 AMBus leaves Lakewood Cheder
11:30 AMLearning Session #3 mentors/students
12:30 PMWalk to BMG 7th St. Campus
12:45 PMMessage by Rabbi Yeruchom Olshin-Dean of BMG
1:00 PMTour of BMG by Rabbi Leibel Karmel
1:40 PMBus Departs BMG
1:45 PM"Farewell Banquet Hosted by Mr. Sam Brown Esq. of Sam Brown Law Firm
Farewell Address by Dean of Ohr Somayach Rabbi Nota Schiller"
3:45 PMBuses To The Airports

*Schedule is subject to change



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